With the log leaders of both league sections on a bye,  Steinhoff Turtles and Steinhoff CVU Vikings had a chance to take top spot for at least a week with Steinhoff Cobras closing the gap.


After having points deducted from their previous match, the Steinhoff Cobras had all to play for. Steinhoff Cobras were up against a highly motivated Steinhoff MOB team. Although not scoring points in the match the Steinhoff MOB showed their temperament of old.  They atttacked the Steinhoff Cobras defensive at will, they just could not penetrate as we all know by now how strong their defensive can be. At times Steinhoff MOB where inches away from scoring, to have their hard work go waist with some crunching tackles. Steinhoff Cobras where the most composed of the two teams and scored when they needed to winning the match 15 – 00.
Another exciting match on the evening was that between Steinhoff Turtles and Steinhoff CVU Vikings. Both teams on even points on the log and both with an opportunity to overtake the Steinhoff Shebeen Boys for that top spot in the Res-League.  Steinhoff Turtles scored two well worked tries in the first half. The Steinhoff CVU Viking however had other ideas and scored a try of their own, closing the gap to five points. Steinhoff CVU then converted a penalty and scored a late converted try that gave them the lead. With only a minute to play the Steinhoff Turtles levelled the game with another well worked try. The conversion was missed and with this the game drawn.
There will definitely be some more close matches as the league only has 3 weeks left before the semi-Finals.

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