A full line-up at the Green Mile

If you’re in Cape Town on Wednesday night, then make sure you get down to UCT’s Green Mile for the 2011 Steinhoff Internal League finals day.

Eight matches will be taking place – including the finals of the Plate and Cup Leagues – on Wednesday, as the University of Cape Town gets set to crown its brand-new Koshuis champions after a long, but successful Internal League season.

The Grand Final – or rather, the Cup Final – will take place on Groote Schuur’s A Field, with defending champions, the Steinhoff Tornadoes, going head-to-head – once again – with traditional rivals, the Steinhoff Cobras.

The Nadoes beat the Cobras in last year’s final and spectators can brace themselves for yet another exciting finale to UCT’s Koshuis season.

This is how the finalist line up in their respective leagues and teams.

Section A Final:

STEINHOFF COBRAS: 15. Pete Haw 14. Mikhail Maasdorp 13.Nico Loizides 12. James Bailes 11. Brendan Raubenheimer 10. Warren Butler 9. Ian Armstrong 8. Kyle Rennie 7. Dino Loizides 6. Callan Artus 5. Evan Strauss 4. Tom Horne 3.Stewart Pienaar 2.Khotso Micha 1.Greame Lucas Bull
Reserves: Warren Handley 17.Shane Swanish 16.Jaime Manuel 19.Nicholas Bailey 20.Brian Faure 21. Guy Whitfield 22.Mike Blankenberg 23. Geoff Van Ryneveld.

STEINHOFF NADOES: 15.Aviwe Mgijima 14.Matthew Healey 13.Curtis Middleton 12.Berek Mitchell 11.Stuart Hablutzal 10.Jarred Stokes 9.Kyle Wickens 8.Theo van Aspern 7.Matthew Morris 6.Oliver Johnston 5.Dayne Allenbrook 4. Josh Gloak 3. Greg Dyer 2. Phil Quma 1.Neil Naude
Reserves: 16.Greg Jenkins 17.Brad van der Westhuizen 18.Graysen Wright 19.Brennan Wright 20.Jono Hill 21.Ruan Billet 22.Guy Loxton 23.Mike Reid

Section B Final:

STEINHOFF PANTHERS: 15.Adam Turk 14.Stuart Dunlop 13.Glen Mcknight 12.Rutger Duetsch 11. Ian Fraser 10.Stuart Edmond 9. Ryan Mcknight 8.Peter Walker 7.Simon Curtis 6.Jimmy Owen 5.Andrew Ruck 4.David Bennet 3.Matthew van Asche 2.Matthew Richie 1. Dylan van der Merwe
Reserves: 16. Nick Brits 17.Mark Mcwilliams 18.Ben Maxton 19.Connor Probert 20.Donald Sinton 21.Andy Heald 22.Alex Thomson

STEINHOFF SHEBEEN BOYS: 15.Jevron Epstein 14.Karl Meiring 13.Devon van Schalkwyk 12.Matthew Elsworth 11.Craig Bestbier 10.Richard Stemmet 9.Erin Laubscher 8.Karl Bergmann 7.Miachael van Schalkwyk 6.Robert Raw 5.Jarrod Lewin 4. Greg Elk 3.James Wright 2.Kyle Wall 1. Heinrich Viktor
Reserve: 16.Jean Le Roux 17.Andre Williams 18.Bryant Renaud 19.Trevor Padayachee 20.Siv Ngesi 21.Warren Taylor 22.Brayan Hansen

UCT’s Steinhoff Koshuisrugby Grand Final fixtures:
(Wednesday, September 21)


7th/8th place play-off:
Steinhoff Marquard v Steinhoff Ikhaya, 5.30pm – C Field

5th/6th place play-off:
Steinhoff CVU Viking v Steinhoff Kopano, 5.30pm – A Field

3rd/4th place play-off:
Steinhoff Smuts v Steinhoff Turtles, 6.30pm – C Field

Steinhoff Panthers v Steinhoff Shebeen Boys, 7.30pm – A Field


7th/8th place play-off:
Steinhoff Cats v Steinhoff Ubumbo, 6.30pm – A Field

5th/6th place play-off:
Steinhoff Clarendon v Steinhoff Spanners, 7.30pm – C Field

3rd/4th place play-off:
Steinhoff Wild Boys v Steinhoff MOB, 7.30pm – B Field

Steinhoff Cobras v Steinhoff Tornadoes, 8.30pm – A Field

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