UCTRFC Old Boys – whatever happened to Snoopy – Stephen Knoop – Ikeys 1999-2004

Snoopy with his Leinster Team mates, celebrating Ollie le Roux at the all Ireland Hot Dog Eating competition.

Here is a man who needs no introduction – the Big Dog! Stephen Snoopy Knoop! The famous varsity tighthead prop who had a strict diet of beer and boerewors after 12 at night till sun rise, with his trusted and preferred supplier of the latter being the aptly called “Boerewors Lady” ouside the Green Man, now known as Tin Roof.

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UCTRFC Old Boys – whatever happened to Kevin ‘Milk’-Stout – Ikeys 2001-2005

Remember Kev ‘Milk’-Stout a legendary MC Marais and Moss XV prop, who was incidently also one of the social pillars of the club. Stoutie famously made the Eikestad Nuus, the Stellenbosch Newspaper’s frontpage after dominating the third half, celebrating the Ikey’s 2004 Intervarsity win.

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UCTRFC Old Boys – whatever happened to Dave ‘Lurker’ Cumming – Ikeys 1998-2002


The famous 8:8 draw at Intervarsity 2002.
From left: Barney Barnard, Milo Brown, Paki Stanford, George Hauptfleisch, Matt Grey, Dave Riketts, Paul Banger – Waldburger, Jonny Bradshaw, Simon the Swede Lukell, Doug Bryant, Kris vd Berg, Lurker Cumming, Jaques Strydom, Buck Buchanan, Danny Palm, Bodo The Door Sieber, Fish Hove, Ricky Neville, Nick Misplon and the legendary Ish Dramat. Coached by Barry O’Mahony
Remember Dave Cumming aka Lurker, the UCT center who claims the only reason he was so good at putting guys through gaps, was because he was too much of a cart horse to take them himself.  Lurker was a talented player who helped lift the first team from what used to be 30point thrashings by Maties to becoming seriously competitive.

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UCTRFC Old Boys – whatever happened to Bob Shaw – Ikeys 2001-2007

Bon Shaw (coach with cap) and his mighty 3rds in 2004
Whatever happened to Bob Shaw, who Hellen Zille might remember as Henry Olonga. Bob coached UCT teams at all levels from U19 to 1st XV and is a varsity man of note!

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Video: Why you love rugby

Just in case you forgot what makes the Boks, the British Lions the Ikey Tigers and pretty much any other team on this oval planet tick – AWESOME!:
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