Intervarsity 6

Ikey Old Boys Return for 2018 League Campaign

As the league season kicked-off at the beginning of the month, we welcomed a few Ikey old boys back to the Green Mile to join our 1st, 2nd and U20A 2018 league campaign…


Ikeys Premier League Captures the Ikey Spirit

Based on the Indian Premier Cricket League concept, most of the club’s players (with a few VC players getting a rest) took part. Teams competed for a new Club trophy, the Connor Weber Memorial Trophy in memory of Varsity legend Dan Weber’s son, who tragically passed away aged 2 in a drowning accident in December 2017.

Ikey Ladies3

Introducing the 2018 Ikey Ladies

Starting just before this year’s Easter mid-term vacation period, the Club launched an important transformation initiative in the form of a brand new Ikey Ladies team. The Ikey Ladies team recognises the interest of female UCT students in playing the beautiful game, and forms part of a growing culture of Women’s rugby across the country.


Ikeys Make A Difference

The customary gathering of the Ikeys from his era enjoying reminding each other of how amazingly good they were on the rugby field, back in the 1960s, was refreshingly spiced up by including the modern generation, represented by Donovan Armand, Marcelle Brache and a delightful fellow called Nesi.

Ikey Graduate 2

Nurturing Great Rugby Players & Great Academics

We are incredibly proud to congratulate several Ikeys who have all been recognised for their academic success in UCT’s most recent graduation ceremony. With a very busy academic, training and fixture schedule, it is truly inspiring to see what these gentlemen have achieved.