SA School Boys’ Success As Ikey Tigers

It’s not common anymore for SA Schools players to make the decision to study at UCT and play for the Ikey Tigers, particularly in recent years as they are recruited by the unions or by the cash flush university sides. This, however, has not always been the case…

Ikey Tigers & Unbeaten u20A’s Impress in League

After a drought delayed the start to the season, the 1st XV, 2nd XV and under 20A teams kicked off their respective league campaigns a little later this year, with a two month break further disrupting momentum after only three games. Nevertheless, 9 games in and the Ikey Tigers sit mid-table, with the u20A’s holding an unbeaten run.

The Magic of the 1960/61 Ikeys Backline

A personal view of some of the very best teams of the past and the present reveals that often those teams which have to struggle against adversity and seeming disadvantages, frequently take the ‘against factors’ and turn them into a motivational weapon which they thrive on. Such a team was the UCT First XV of 1960/1961.

Tribute to Ikey Old Boy: Rob Bertram

Rob Bertram was not a man who did things by half measure. He was possessed of self- confidence which is the hallmark of all achievers, but combined it with kindness and considerable charm, and genuine concern for people. Some of the men who played with Rob at UCT in the late fifties and early sixties pay tribute here to Rob.

The Heat Is On!

The 2018 WP Super A League will shortly be coming to close. Including the fixture this weekend the UCT Ikey Tigers only, have 5 more games remaining.